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Allowing the Living Word of God to


Our Mission is to

assist individuals to identify and resolve emotional and spiritual issues through the wisdom of the Word of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit. We equip individuals with the tools to walk in the freedom of their identity in Christ and to help others discover that same freedom.


Thirteenth Tribe

Helping Hand

From Seed to Sprout

Thirteenth Tribe Ministries started out of a desire and passion to partner with every person who desires to take a thorough inventory of their life in an earnest attempt to root out areas of sin and bondage for the purpose of a closer walk with Jesus.

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The Message of Thirteenth Tribe Ministries

love like Jesus on all occasions and in all situations 






Freedom Appointments

Just One Step Away

Your story is so precious to us and it’s an honor that you would choose to share it with us. The freedom that comes through Jesus Christ is meant for you. We are humbled to be able to serve you.

"What a freeing, life changing, and amazing experience I had working with and through Thirteenth Tribe Ministries."

- Leesa

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